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We improve what Nature gives us to open up new opportunities for you and your business. 



32nd Street Cosmeceuticals is a leading full-service private label cosmetics  skin caremanufacturer for a global market. From Four strategic locations,  we serve manufacturers and develops and produces for cosmetics high-ech  active ingredients from the plant, marine and microbial worlds throughout   the United States. Many private brands try to copy our original formulas,  but with our biotechnology, it cannot be the same. Also, One of the main focuses of the cosmetics industry is the inclusion of natural ingredients in formulations to give rise to more naturally positioned products. Along with strong research, the appropriate election and obtention of each ingredient can be fundamental for the development of new natural and innovative formulas.

Since its foundation, 32nd Street Cosmeceuticals has been focused on bringing its business and products closer to our valued customers with the aim to be the market leader in our specialty fields thanks to a novel approach to research, development of new products and technical processes. Now we have a diverse product range that delivers innovative solutions for current and future trends, all supported by proven efficacy testing. Partnership with labs globally makes it possible to deliver unique, innovative and more natural solutions to the continuously changing and demanding skin care market.

As a leading private brand developer in the global cosmetic market, 32nd Street Cosmeceuticals brings you differentiated advanced cosmetics to meet the market and consumer needs of today and tomorrow. We have the expert marketing team that offers a highly diverse product portfolio to enhance the performance of skin care, body care and botanical oils products for online market, offline, franchised stores, Day spa and even medical offices. No matter the market or the country, we’re passionate about the possibilities created through the most advanced skin care products for the benefit of our customers, and we are committed to keeping your products and processes at the forefront. It’s in our DNA.

So discover what you can achieve together with 32nd Street Cosmeceuticals.