private label skin care manufacturer

Private Label Service for the Amazon Clients

For Amazon Sellers

1.   Do we have any minimum order quantity? 

      The answer is "no".  We will private label even one (1) single unit for you.

2.   What is the best steps to be taken?

      We do the private labeling for all and any product shown in websites, within 24 hours.  But we need your logo and company information such as brand name and full address.  If you do not have a logo and think you need one, simply tell us you do not have a logo.  We will create a "temporary" logo, free of charge, and email you the proposed logo.  Usually, we give you the proposed logo and full labels within 24 hours.  For fancy logos, you can create it with your designers at a later stage after you test the market. 

To summarize, we need (a) brand name (if not logo
(b) full address*
(c) phone number*
(c) website address, if any. This is not one of the FDA label requirements.
* FDA requires your full address and phone number written in the label if your phone is not listed. If your company phone number is listed, then you do not have to disclose your full address and phone number other than the name of town and the state and zip code.

3.   In what format do I have to email you? and what resolution?

      When you email your logo or grpahics, please use either PNG, JPG or AI.  We will make the label for you within 24 hours.  But what is important is you should use a resolution of 600 or higher.  We cannot use graphics for less than 600 pixel. 

4.   Any advice in making logos or graphics?

      Yes.  We have some strong opinions. 

      (a) Do not try to make fancy or beautiful graphics.  Just make a simple graphic with a laboratory atmosphere.  The word "laboratory atmosphere" is the key words here.  However, because that is rather a marketing side, we will stop the discussion right here.  That is beyond our scope of discussion.

      (b) Also, if you can, avoid too much "natural" in your logo.  Always, the logo should be value-neutral. People like the idea of "being natural", but still a perception that natural products do not work is dorminant among the public.  What you are looking for is the image "Scientifically Proven" rather than "Being Natural".

5.   Does the Amazon Fulfillment Center require that the products be contained in their "individual boxes"? The answer is "no". However, Amazon then requires something called "double wrapping". This means that a cosmetic should be shrinked on its cap and then be wrapped one more time in its entirety. It is a time-consuming practice and sometimes increase the packing costs. In this regard, we provide "individual boxes" to all the serums and creams, except for oil oils and cleansers and toners, free of charge.

6.   What is the lead time?

       For 100-500 units, the lead time is usually 1-5 days.  However, for 1000 units or more, the lead time is about 7 business days. But for 5000 more more, please give us 2-4 weeks, depending on the products..

7.   (a) Can we decorate or print the "individual boxes"?

       Yes. But, there is an additional charge.  Also, to print the individual boxes, our printing company usually require 1,000 or more units.  Thus, if you want, you print 1,000 units and use whatever units you need, and we will keep their balance for your next order, if you want.

      (b) Then, what are the sticker boxes?

       For small orders like 100 units or 200 units, we sometimes make labels for the front of the individual boxes and back of the boxes, and affixes them to the boxes.  Avergage people do not know whether we printed the boxes or stickered them.  However, if you closely look at them within maybe 1 feet of distances, you may know that they are stickered.  But they look O.K. because we are using white-color BOPP materials and then shrink the entire boxes so that they can display them in luxury stores.

8.    Do we provide marketing materials and some certificates?

       Yes.  We provide marketing brochure, and White Paper, and composition rate statement.  For organic products, we provide organic certificate from a USDA Seal authority andx EcoCert, and IMC.  We also provide how and why our product is more superior to other competitors in Amazon.

9.    Do we directly ship the products to the Amazon Fulfillment Center?


10. Experience

       We have 9 years experience in private labeiling of botanicals and cosmeceuticals, and very familiary with FDA requirements and Amazon requirements.


      Yes, we provide free consulation on each product vs, Amazon ranks, and our customers' marketing plans.  We can discuss verious selling points and strategies through email or phones. 

We plan to publish what we think are hot in Amazon on a monthly basis.  Frankly, all the products in are hot in the U.S. cosmeceutical industry right now.  What you need for the success in Amazonian business are two (2) things:  (a) what will be the proper sales prices; and (b) how to market them.