17 Years Devoted to Research and Innovation


Since its foundation, 32nd Street Cosmeceuticals has been focused on bringing its business and products closer to our valued customers with the aim to be the market leader in our specialty fields thanks to a novel approach to research, development of new products and technical processes. Now we have a diverse product range that delivers innovative solutions for current and future trends, all supported by proven efficacy testing. Partnership with labs globally makes it possible to deliver unique, innovative and more natural solutions to the continuously changing and demanding skin care market.

As a leading private brand developer in the global cosmetic market, 32nd Street Cosmeceuticals brings you differentiated advanced cosmetics to meet the market and consumer needs of today and tomorrow. We have the expert marketing team that offers a highly diverse product portfolio to enhance the performance of skin care, body care and botanical oils products for online market, offline, franchised stores, Day spa and even medical offices. No matter the market or the country, we’re passionate about the possibilities created through the most advanced skin care products for the benefit of our customers, and we are committed to keeping your products and processes at the forefront. It’s in our DNA.

So discover what you can achieve together with 32nd Street Cosmeceuticals.

More Details:

Hi-tech Exclusive Cosmeceuticals
Located in Northvale, New Jersey, 32nd Street Cosmeceuticals formulates, develops, and distributes hi-tech cosmeceuticals at affordable prices.  Having our own proprietary blends, we consistently strive to create better products by using the best and in some cases very exclusive ingredients such as Swiss Apple stem cell extract, Pueraria Mirifica extract, Phyto Placenta Serum, bilberry extracts, with advanced technologies such as Nanotechnology, Encapsulation and bioscientific extractions.  It is our mission to make you younger and healthier every day through our natural products.

Low or No Minimum Quantity Order 
We process cosmeceuticals ranging from anti-aging, moisturizing products, lightening, sensitive skin products, problematic skin products, protection products, blemish/oily skin products, exfoliation products, face cleansing products, specific area product, body care products, and sun care products, anti-wrinkle creams, acne disorder products, and weight-loss products. We provide a full range of product development services to accommodate any budget, from formulation to packaging and design as well as production.   Depends on the product, but we usually impose very low minimum order quantity to our clients.   *please ask us for more detail*

Profound Knowledge in Peptides
We have profound knowledge in peptide, which acts as a molecular messenger.  It is in turn recognized by a cell menbrane receptor and binds to the receptor.  And then it triggers intracellular action.  Thus, peptides promote tissue repair, participate in wound healing, and macremolecule synthesis.  We have recently succeeded in creating the world most effective 20% L-Ascorbic Acid (Topical Vitamin C 20%). Vitamin C is notoriously unstable and at 20% virtually impossible to formulate anything with but we have managed to harness all its inherent potential power and turn it into a serum. Our C+ Serum is unique in the sense that it will keep good for at least 18 months which unprecedented for any Vitamin C product. No other L-Ascorbic Acid product whether from Murad or Obagi is this stable.

Product Liability Insurance
We have a product liability insurance for Class A and Class B in the aggregated sum of $2,000,000.00.

GMP Compliances
We manufacture in our laboratories in a strict compliance with current GMP (cGMP) regulations and go through with FDA inspections every two (2) years.