Anti-Inflammatory Facial Oil

Highlight Ingredients

  • Organic Argan OIl
  • Hazelnut Oil
  • Vitamin C
  • Squalene (Olive) Oil



Anti-Inflammatory Facial Oil soothes the discomfort of acne breakouts, over sensitivity, or any other inflammatory skin conditions with our Anti-Inflammatory Facial Oil. A vitamin-rich, active blend of carrier oils and CO2 extracts designed to deliver nutrition and powerful healing agent to the skin. A non-oily combination of the carriers and extracts known to be soothing, balancing and healing.

An excellent choice for sensitive, oily, and acne skin types, as well as any other damaged skin conditions. Our Anti-Inflammatory Facial Oil is a great alternative for those skin types that can’t take heavy moisturizers, due to acne or other reactions. Absorbs fully within a couple of minutes. Also, an easy way to add non-problematic emollients to creams and lotions geared toward inflamed skin types.