Natural Lightening Cream


  • Daisy Blossom
  • Vitamin C & E
  • Niacinamide
  • Gotu Kola Leaf Extract
  • Hyaluronic Acid


Natural Lightening Cream is a powerful combination of natural ingredients designed to address the unmistakable sign of aging, and prematurely aging skin … dark spots.  Taking a broad approach at addressing the underlying cause of dark spots, while addressing the topical result, our Natural Lightening Cream will lighten those dark spots without creating that, the unattractive lighter area around the old spot. leaving the skin brighter, lighter, and more even toned.

Dark spots and uneven skin tone are the results of an acceleration in melanogenesis as a result of UV exposure.  The powerful active DermaLight, extracted from Daisy Blossoms*, in our Natural Lightening Cream blocks all of the pathways, that lead to that acceleration, resulting in the elimination of existing dark spots and the prevention of new spots.  When tested, in a similar formulation, the active ingredient was shown to be more effective, faster, and longer lasting, than A Arbutin … with results achieved in 14 days.

Natural Lightening Cream is the ultimate in efficacy and purity, developed using only ultra-pure, highly effective, botanical actives and vitamins.

Natural Lightening Cream is still designed for the efficient delivery of high actives in a cream base, for those who prefer a cream to a serum.

Natural Lightening Cream is specifically developed to improve the skin’s natural moisture barrier, utilizing only natural ingredients, as the loss of moisture barrier function is at that heart of aging skin.  Developed for optimal stability across the skin’s surface to prevent oxidative stress and damage.  Smoother skin is noticed immediately while hydration continues to improve with regular use. Natural Lightening Cream smooths across the skin like silk, with almost instant absorption, depending on skin type.  The liposome delivery system and lactylates take the action to the deeper tissues so they can go to work at rejuvenating the skin to help improve the overall complexion for a more youthful, clear, skin tone. Natural Lightening Cream has a light golden color due to the presence of carotenes from the Carrot CO2.  Naturally preserved without parabens or formaldehyde donors.