Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

NON-EXCLUSIVE, LIMITED LICENSE TO RESELL PRODUCTS 32nd St Comeceuticals grants buyers the limited right to modify products purchased on this website, and to repackage products purchased and/or modified for sale under their own retail brand, or the brand of one of their customers, provided all rights are secured between those parties.
32nd St is not responsible for the safety, efficacy, disclosure or shelf life or products modified and/or repackaged by our customers. Customer shall be completely and solely responsible for all content on labels they create and apply to 32nd ST products, including but not limited to ingredients, health warnings, storage requirements, safety, and use instructions and claims.


At 32nd Street Cosmeceutials  p we stand behind the quality of our products. Our insurance covers products that are manufactured by our Company with our approved “in- house” ingredients ONLY when we provide all of the ingredients; package the product; label the product and send out the product for distribution. If we will be doing the aforementioned, the customer may inquire into being named on the 32nd Street Cosmeceuticals insurance policy for product liability only.

We recommend that all of our customers carry their own business insurance for their business operations. If a customer chooses to alter the product or self-package the product at the site of their business or any location outside of 32nd Street Cosmeceuticals it is strongly recommended that the customer arrange their own product liability insurance as the RainShadow Labs insurance will not insure product that is not fully in the control of 32nd Street Cosmeceuticals at all levels of preparation.

The first order needs to be credit card or Bank Wire. RainShadow Labs accepts Visa, MC, American Express, and Discover cards. All customers will be set up initially as pro forma customers with payment due before the order will ship out
We need 50% deposit to initiate the order. When the order is ready to ship, pay the rest of the balance. 

Stock Formuation: Due to an ever evolving and changing world market as well as the changing nature and constitution of natural ingredients and essential oils, which is in effect a commodities market, price commitment by 32nd Street Cosmeceuticals is made at the time an order is placed only. 

Custom Manufacturing: Once the custom formulation process has been finalized and a customer has approved their formulas

32nd Street Cosme will use its commercially reasonable efforts to maintain the quality and consistency of the Products produced for Customer, including, without limitation, color, scent and viscosity. Customer agrees to abide by the information contained in the 32nd Street Cosme Guidelines. Customer understands that it is normal to see slight variations in color, scent and viscosity from batch to batch as the raw ingredients may vary from lot-to-lot and may be affected by climate changes and conditions. Customer agrees that a Product shall be considered properly manufactured notwithstanding that a slight color, viscosity or scent variance exists over the approved sample of the Product. 32nd Street Cosmeshall not be responsible for the effects of climate changes and conditions during periods when product is outside the control of 32nd Street Cosme. Customer shall be responsible for mitigating the effects of temperature, humidity and other weather conditions during shipment and storage by shipping and storing the Products in suitable climate-controlled conditions.
All fees and pricing as well as delivery of the Products shall be based upon FOB New Jersey at 32nd St Cosme’s facility. If Customer requests delivery at any other specified destination, all charges, taxes, and assessments for shipping, insurance, and freight shall be the responsibility of Customer. Further, if Customer requests delivery at any other specified destination, all risk of loss or damage to the Product passes to Customer upon loading at 32nd St Cosme’s shipping dock. Any insurance covering Products in transit shall be for an amount not less than the full invoice price of the items delivered, with 32nd St Cosme named as an additional insured unless 32nd St Cosme has been paid for the Products prior to shipping.



At 32nd Street Cosmeceuticals, we take seriously the trust you place in us when you choose to do business with us. Our Privacy Policy applies to information related to you that may be collected by 32nd Street Cosmeceuticals:

  • online at 32ndstreet.com 
  • through site registration;
  • by customer service representatives; and
  • by and through emails, social media or other digital platforms, including our digital ads which may be delivered on third-party websites (collectively, “Internet Marketing Platforms”). (collectively, “Services”).

<Personal Information and Non-Personal Information>

We collect various types of information about and related to you. In general, we may collect and store “Personal Information” and “Non-Personal Information”.

Personal Information is information that reveals your specific identity or directly relates to you as an individual. Personal Information we collect may include your name, postal address, email address, phone number, credit and debit card information (and related payment information), account username and password.

Non-Personal Information is information that does not reveal your specific identity and does not directly relate to you as an individual. Non-Personal Information we may collect include demographic information (such as gender, date of birth and ZIP code), lifestyle information, personal interests, brand and product preferences, sizing preferences, browser and device information and geographical location.

In this Privacy Policy, we refer to Personal Information and Non-Personal Information collected by us as “Customer Information”.

We may use Customer Information we collect for the following purposes:

  • To provide you our products and services
  • To communicate with you
  • For marketing, promotions and advertising (including interest-based advertising)
  • For our internal operations
  • For fraud prevention, security and legal compliance


If you have registered an account on our Site, you may access and update certain Personal Information that you have provided us by logging into your account and making such changes. If you update your account or if you request we deactivate your account, we may not delete residual copies from our servers and may not remove information associated with the prior version(s) or deactivated account.